What Our Clients Are Saying

You guys do such a wonderful job at handling our I.T. issues it’s such a strenuous task, I thank you for all that you do- you guys are awesome!
Kevin S.
Excellent customer service and support
Thank you for the excellent customer service and technical support that I.T. Solutions of South Florida provides. I.T. has come a long way to get to the point of monitoring to prevent a hard drive crash. Thanks for staying on top of this and keeping my downtime to a minimum.
Lauri K.
Top notch service!
Friendly, courteous and very knowledgeable. Our network has never run as trouble-free. Jason's can-do attitude and extensive knowledge is the reason my network runs so smoothly.
Eric K.
Great support
Thanks to I.T. Solutions of South Florida, we have zero down time, lower costs, and more efficient employees! With I.T. Solutions, it's not just the technology and hardware that add value to our business, but the support that comes with it!
Russ M.
Jason and his team are first rate.
I don't do anything without consulting them. I know we are in good hands!
Jane B. ( Owner )
I highly recommend I.T. Solutions.
Very knowledgeable, pleasant, always timely and prompt.
Rohit D.
I.T. Solutions is the best in the region
Having worked with many I.T. companies, I can say I.T. Solutions is the best in the region. Based on their Christian morals, they provide you with honest, trustworthy support, from the CEO to the technicians. No matter the size of our company, I can rest assured knowing that they will always be there to help.
Shantell D.
I.T. Solutions is our true partner for all our network needs.
Their response time has been superb and they know when something is urgent – sometimes even before we do. Their help desk and ticketing system allows our organization to have peace of mind that our network is taken care of and when we reach out to them they do not speak to us in some technical language – they take the time to ensure we understand the issues at hand. Engaging I.T. Solutions has been a great business decision for Authentic Provence – it allows us to focus on our business and not worry about our network.
Dan K.
I didn't have to worry or think about technology for one minute.
Starting up a new business is more than a full time job and trying to put together all of the technology for the register and the back office support was more than I could deal with. I knew that Chris from IT Solutions would be able to come in and figure out how to set up my POS system and my back office. Chris was amazing and worth his weight in gold. I didn't have to worry or think about technology for one minute. By the time Chris was done, my wireless printer was printing, labels were printing, receipt tape printing the iPad register system was working flawlessly and he was even able to provide some support to a new iPad to add my shoppe specific settings so we could have multiple uses for it. When I ran into a glitch opening day, within an hour Chris was on site fixing it. I didn’t worry, I didn't stress because Chris was on it and I knew he would take care of it and not just patch it up, but truly correct the issue. The money was well spent and knowing all the technology in my shoppe is set up and able to interface is a true gift.
Janelle L.