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Cyber Sips Video Series

Welcome to Cyber Sips - a series of short videos on cyber security for businesspeople. We won't waste your time with technical jargon here. Instead, we are sharing sound, practical business advice focused on keeping you and your business secure online.

Only have a minute to spare? Check out our complete library of YouTube Shorts for quick sips of valuable cybersecurity information in under 60 seconds!

We hope you’ll find our videos worthwhile. Please reach out to us with feedback or any suggestions you might have on future topics. We’d love to hear from you!

Our first episode is all about LinkedIn. How to use the platform securely despite its history of large data breaches. How to steer clear of phony LinkedIn emails. And how to protect against rampant identity theft. If you have a LinkedIn account, it’s five minutes well spent.

In this episode, we reveal the Top 8 email subject lines that triggered cyber-attacks last year. Learn how to spot phishing attempts in categories like Technology Updates, Human Resource Policy Changes, Money Scams, and Social Media Ego Boosts. Stay informed and protect yourself from cyber threats!

Discover crucial insights on navigating the cyber insurance landscape effectively and protecting your business in this episode of Cyber Sips by I.T. Solutions of South Florida. Learn why recent industry changes matter for small and medium-sized businesses and ensure your claims are honored promptly with expert advice. Don't miss out on expert tips to safeguard your business against cyber risks and a fantastic Zinfandel.

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