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I.T. for Construction Companies

We know you need to stay connected no matter where the job takes you – from boardrooms to client meetings to job sites. Blueprints and 2D drawings are being replaced by tablets, smartphones and resource intensive BIM renderings.

We understand the unique challenges facing your full-service construction firm. And we are here to help, providing you with a full suite of I.T. Solutions!

Reliable access to your web and mobile based construction management software solution is imperative.

Our team of technology experts work with you to create a secure and stable connection, so emails and files can be accessed consistently and securely, even on the go.

We can also provide your business with the appropriate security solutions to transfer data safely, prevent intrusion by malware, and combat internal and external threats to your business.

By some accounts, construction projects regularly lose up to a third of their value to waste,” according to an article in the October 2018 edition of Fortune. We can help position you so technology issues won’t stand in the way of your company’s profitability.

"By some accounts, construction projects regularly lose up to a third of their value to waste"Fortune, October 2018

Benefits of partnering with I.T. Solutions of South Florida:

Increased Efficiency:

Productive use of technology results in a healthier bottom line and a happier, more productive staff able to excel at their job roles and support your clients better.

Easy Budgeting:

Your projects need to be on time and on budget. You can count on our flat-rate I.T. service yielding an easy-to-budget plan, based on your needs.

Monitoring 24/7:

Since we catch most problems before they occur with our remote monitoring tools, there is no interruption of service and no downtime. Our approach prevents failures and resolve issues quickly via our remote and on-site support.

I.T. Vendor Management:

We have experience with a variety of construction management software solutions like Procore and BuilderTREND. If you have an issue with your software or any problem with any part of your I.T., all you have to do is call us. We will even make the dreaded call to Comcast for you. We can often resolve issues faster because we speak the language.

Business Continuity:

Did you know, nearly 70% of businesses that lose their data quickly go out of business? It's important to implement a data recovery solution as part of a concise business continuity plan. The plan goes well beyond simply making a copy of your files.

Our I.T. Backup Safe utilizes an image-based backup system that backs up hourly. Your business’s critical data will not only be stored on a physical device in your office, it would then be encrypted and sent to two separate secured facilities on the east and west coast of the country.

Click here to learn more about our Data Backup and Recovery Plan and how we can help you before it is too late.

Worry Free:

Stop worrying about your technology. Depend on us for all of your technology needs, so you can focus more energy on your core business.

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