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One of Microsoft's most widely adopted software platforms, Teams, is transforming how we work.

Microsoft Teams combines many of the core features of Microsoft 365 into one central hub for communication and collaboration. Going beyond a simple messaging application, Teams empowers you through interactive messaging, video meetings, file collaboration, app integration, and much more. All these essential business services are wrapped up within a single cross-platform and multi-device application.

What are the key benefits of Teams?

Team Communications - Share notes, chat, and collaborate on documents with your team. Easily search previously shared content.

Team Meetings - Conduct presentations, webinars, meetings, interviews, and more with interactive chat, voice, and video features.

Office 365 App Integration - Seamlessly integrate your existing Office 365 apps such as Word, Excel, Power BI, and social apps like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Yammer.

Mobile and Desktop Apps - Team is available on a variety of devices, operating systems, and browsers, so it’s easy to collaborate no matter where you are.

Enterprise-Grade Security - Keep your team’s content secure with a multi-factor authentication process.

File Storage, Sharing and Search – Share, search and collaborate on your files from anywhere.

Import Files and Folders - Quickly import your files and folders from Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box directly into Teams.

Team Colocation - Give your team a central place to meet and share content.

What is the learning curve for Teams?

Microsoft Teams is simple to use and easily becomes second nature in your business.

With the help of a Microsoft 365 Solutions Partner for implementation and training, you can get started with Microsoft Teams quicky and begin using it immediately. It is available across a multitude of devices and can blend into your work practices without any disruption.

You can expect a smooth transition into using Teams, your staff will immediately be more connected and able to collaborate better than ever before.

How can Teams help my business every day?

Teams makes it easy for your team members to collaborate on documents, tasks, calendar events, and conversation threads. With focused channels for communication, your team can organize important information and be alerted when new information is available.

What else can Teams do?

From within Teams, your team now has access to the power of Microsoft 365. You can view, edit and collaborate on Word, Excel, PowerPoint files right within Teams. Also, Teams easily turns your desktop or mobile device into a powerful video conferencing device.

From communication to document collaboration, Teams will help you access the most critical components of your business network quickly and efficiently.

How many people can Teams support?

Microsoft Teams can support your company, no matter your size. Teams supports up to 25,000 people in a channel, 250 per chat, and 1,000 per video conference.

Your ability to communicate using Teams isn’t limited by time zones or language barriers. Your team can collaborate on a global scale.

With a robust network infrastructure, your team will be able to communicate from any country, any time, and on any device. Teams even supports real-time translation, allowing all participants to communicate in their native language.

How does Teams compare to other Teams-like services such as Slack and Zoom!?

While there are plenty of chat, conferencing, and collaboration tools out there, Microsoft Teams offers unique integration capabilities.

Teams is not just another chat or video conference service, but rather a collaboration platform that brings together the features from other services and integrates them into the full Microsoft 365 solution.

This complete communication functionality paired with your other essential business processes makes Teams a powerful tool to help you and your team work together more effectively.

How much does it cost to setup Teams?

If you are an I.T. Solutions of South Florida client, setting up Teams is free!

If you would like to learn more, contact us today.

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