Tip of the Week: What to Do When the Internet Goes Out

Losing Internet can be a large problem in the business world, as we all become more and more reliant on it. Downtime of this kind can be immensely frustrating. However, not all hope is lost, as there are ways to troubleshoot the cause of an Internet outage. Check your Hardware First and foremost, check to make sure that all cables …

I.T. Advent tip #19: Grab hold and give it a wiggle!

The suggestion to “grab hold and give it a wiggle” may not sound like useful security advice. But if you’re using an ATM or buying gas at the pump then “wiggling” can be a good idea.  That’s where crooks glue on skimming parts Advent tip brought to you by Sophos

I.T. Advent tip #18: Avoid typosquatting – type carefully at Christmas!

Typosquatting is the act of buying URLs similar to famous or well-known ones in hopes that people type the wrong letter when entering the web address.  This enables a hacker to: Add malware or ransomware to your computer Steal your information Type carefumbly this Christmas! Advent tip brought to you by Sophos

Are You Accidentally Gifting a Security Breach?

The holidays are a time filled with good food, visits from dear friends and family, and exchanging gifts with those you care about. However, to keep the season bright and merry, you need to be a little cautious during your next gift exchange, as many gifts can present some unexpected risks to your recipient’s security. Be mindful if you see …

I.T. Advent tip #17: “Reply All” is probably not what you want

Whether it’s passing on Christmas greetings, or making plans to meet them at the beach after work for a barbecue, or figuring out who’s going to take the least popular Christmas-to-New-Year support desk shifts… …you may end up with emails that have plenty of recipients, possibly including people you don’t know very well, or who are your boss’s boss’s boss. …

How Does Your IT Stack Up to These Standards?

Selecting a managed service provider should be like selecting any employee. You need to make sure that your expectations are going to be fulfilled, and that your selection will be there when you need them to be. However, the criteria you examine your potential IT service provider by should be a little different than how you evaluate your other prospective …

I.T. Advent tip #14: Beware of login links in emails!

If you click a phishy link in an email, it’ll take you somewhere phishy – so your best and safest plan is not to click in the first place. Instead, enter the URL directly into the address bar of your browser. Advent tip brought to you by Sophos