Edge Browser…I’m sorry, but no – How to Change Your Default Browser in Windows 10

Have you ever been on a first date with someone and really wanted to like them…but you just didn’t?

They looked good, had a great personality, and so much going for them, but for some reason, “it” just wasn’t there?

That’s personally how I feel about Microsoft’s latest browser, Edge.

Why the hate bro?

Since I can’t give you a reason why I cringe every time I see someone using Edge I thought I would ask our team here why they don’t use it.

Here are some of their answers:

“Because I like Chrome better and I have a ton of extensions I can’t live without.” – Mike
“I use Chrome so I can sync my bookmarks across all of my devices.” – Jeremy
“Edge is the only way they could have made IE worse.” – James
“Edge is just a Persian rug on top of IE.” – Dustin
“I have standards.” – Brittany
“I just never use it.” – Jason
“Not a fan.” – Wes

As you can tell, most of the feedback I received was a bit opinionated. But one thing is apparent to me, the “it” factor just isn’t there for the poor browser.

How to Change Your Default Browser in Windows 10

Since Edge comes as Windows 10’s default web browser you might find yourself wanting to change it. Perhaps you’ve already given Edge a chance and decided that like us, you just weren’t the biggest fan.

So how do you go about changing to something other than Edge, as the default browser?

Well, this walkthrough is just for you!

Step 1: Click on your Windows Start menu

Step 2: Begin typing Default Programs

Step 3: Click on Default Programs

Step 4: Click on “Microsoft Edge”

Step 5: Select your desired default browser. We chose Google Chrome, but Mozilla FireFox is another great browser choice if you’re not a Chrome fan.

Step 6: Click “Switch anyway” (Edge, it’s not you, it’s…well wait no, it’s probably you)

Step 7: Google Chrome or the browser you selected will now be displayed under “Web browser”

Step 8: Take a deep breath, it’s finished

Edge is a sucker for rejection

Lately, we’ve heard some reports of Windows changing Edge back to the default browser after some of the recent Windows updates.

Edge might be that first-date that keeps asking for a second one…

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to be done other than going through the described steps above again and hoping it will finally respect your wishes.

Here’s to hoping!

As always if you need assistance in changing your default browser or another issue on your computer, please contact us for support. We’re here to help!