I.T. Solutions of South Florida presents I.T. Advent Tips for December – Tip 1 through 4

Happy Monday! December has arrived.

I.T Solutions of South Florida presents to you our Advent Calendar I.T. Tips #1 – #4

I.T. Advent tip #1: Clean up your passwords before Christmas

We’re determined to keep repeating our password advice until everyone has listened.

Don’t recycle passwords across multiple sites, and make each password super strong and super long.

If you struggle to remember them all, you could think about using a password manager.

I.T. Advent tip #2: Defend yourself from ransomware – back up your files!

Keep at least one backup offline and offsite, e.g. on a removable drive.

Use a backup program that encrypts your data securely so only you can restore it. Bitlocker on Windows can automatically encrypt removable disks; on a Mac, Time Machine can create encrypted backups.

I.T. Advent tip #3: Set your Facebook posts to ‘Friends only’

You wouldn’t go up to a stranger in a street and tell them what you’ve been up to, so why would you let just anyone see what you’ve posted on Facebook?

Set your Facebook posts to friends only.

I.T. Advent tip #4: Unsolicited tech support call? Just hang up!

Friends don’t let friends get squeezed for money by bogus “tech support” callers.

Whatever the route, you end up talking to an earnest-sounding “support techie” who will typically imply that he’s from Microsoft, or Windows, and has some official-sounding reason to be talking to you.

End the call right away, because there is nothing useful to hear, and nothing useful to say.

That’s all for today.

Check back tomorrow for tip #5!