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Seamless Collaboration With Sharepoint

Whether working from home or in the office, collaborating with your team on a project can be challenging when a presentation or important document is emailed amongst team members for review and updates.

This creates multiple versions of the same critical file and can result in confusion over which document is the most up-to-date and complete. SharePoint eliminates this workflow woe by securely storing the file in one location and allowing every team member to work on the file at the same time. When the shared file is open, each person can see what the other person is editing or changing in real time.

Additionally, SharePoint users can track changes to the document, see who made the changes, and add comments such as a request for clarification. If desired, SharePoint alerts can notify you if a document is updated.

Documents can be tagged with metadata, which are important keywords that can be used as a search term. Use these metadata tags to quickly find every document associated with a project instead of wading through complicated layers of folders and subfolders. Establishing retention policies can prevent accidental deletion or overwriting of files. No more searching endlessly for files or worrying critical documents landed in the recycle bin.

SharePoint goes well beyond Word documents. It also empowers you and your team to work on the same Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations or Microsoft Project timelines projects simultaneously. SharePoint is the perfect tool for storing, managing, and organizing critical business documents while promoting seamless collaboration and teamwork.