Avoid ransomware

Want To Avoid Ransomware? We Can Help.

Ransomware isn’t going anywhere. Here’s why.

In 1992, at the height of the Colombian drug cartels, a kilo of cocaine brought in $60,000. The average ransomware attack reaps $140,000.

Consider the operating costs of a cartel. Someone must pay to grow or purchase the coca leaves, convert those leaves into paste, refine that paste into powder, smuggle that powder into the target country, and pay off mules and middlemen along the way. Meanwhile, it costs cybercriminals a whopping $2,500 to stage a widescale attack, and even less if they subscribe to a Ransomware as a Service provider.

Now consider the risks involved. The arrest rate in the drug trade is more than 100 times higher than it is in cybercrime. Of the 25,000 largest cyberattacks since 2018, there have been a total of 20 arrests. And hackers don’t run into violent rivals wielding AK-47s.

Low risk, high reward, little barrier to entry.

Since ransomware attacks are here to stay, it’s incumbent on organizations to mitigate their risk. The good news is our Total Cloud program uses a multi-pronged strategy that does exactly that. We shore up the edge of your network, instill Microsoft best practices across the environment, back up your data multiple times every day, and educate your people on how to avoid letting the bad guys in.

Four layers of protection from a single support program. That might be one of the reasons we were named among the Top 100 Managed Security Providers in North America by CRN magazine.

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