Fastest Growing Tech 2019 Award

South Florida Business Journal: I.T. Solutions goes from at-home startup to million-dollar tech business

Written By Jessica Bryant – Data Reporter, South Florida Business Journal
This article was published online in the South Florida Business Journal on October 11, 2019

I.T. Solutions of South Florida has come a long way since 2004, when Deana Pizzo and her husband, Jason, founded the company in their living room.

Between 2017 and 2018, the company had a 36.4% increase in revenue. That growth earned the company a No. 7 ranking on this year’s list ranked by percentage growth.

Pizzo credits the company’s growth to a combination of its strong team and new clients who are confident in spending money to protect their businesses.

She always wanted to be a business owner; it was just a matter of making sure the timing was right, Pizzo said.

“My husband and I were both ready for a change,” she said. “It had been a longtime desire for both of us to become entrepreneurs.”

Pizzo had no experience in the tech world at the time of the company’s founding. Now, she serves as the CEO of the Lake Worth Beach-based technology solutions provider.

I.T. Solutions operates as an outsourced tech arm for small and medium companies.

The first two years of operations weren’t easy. The couple had two young children and a full-time business operating out of their home. When they were ready to hire a third employee, Pizzo knew they had to move the company to another space.

“We could not have one more person working in our home,” she said. “It was already pretty hectic, and they wouldn’t have fit.”

Moving to an office was only the first of many changes.

The company’s true transformation happened in 2008. The Pizzos changed their business from a break-fix model to a managed service provider.

“We went from being the people you call when something’s wrong to the people who stop those moments from happening,” she said.

I.T. Solutions’ primary area of focus is cybersecurity and educating clients – and the company’s employees – about the world of ransomware and how to detect it.

“We are really stepping up our efforts to educate and spread awareness about cybersecurity,” Pizzo said. “We keep updating and reinventing to make sure we’re on top of everything because cybersecurity threats aren’t flattening in any way.”

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