End of Windows 7

Windows 7 Nearing End Of Life

The end of Windows 7 support is rapidly approaching!

A decade after introducing Windows 7, Microsoft is ending support for this aging operating system on January 14, 2020. A machine with an unsupported operating system can have serious implications for both the performance and safety of a network.

Once an operating system enters end-of-life status, Microsoft stops providing support and security updates. So, if a vulnerability is discovered after support ends, or a new exploit succeeds in getting through, there won’t be a patch to the fix security hole and keep cybercriminals out.

Hackers specifically target unsupported systems. You can be certain they will pounce once Microsoft no longer supports the Windows 7 operating system.

We strongly recommend that you upgrade all remaining Windows 7 devices in advance of the January deadline to decrease the risk to not only those systems, but to everything to which they’re connected.

Don’t risk your valuable data to an unsupported and outdated operating system! Please contact us if you have any questions about your network and your risk utilizing a Windows 7 operating system.