Deana Pizzo Joins Board

Deana Pizzo Joins South Florida Tech Board

Promoting Tech Growth And Innovation Regionally

Lake Worth, FL, September 2020 – I.T. Solutions of South Florida is excited to announce our CEO, Deana Pizzo, joined the Board of Directors of South Florida Tech.

Formerly known as Palm Beach Tech, the South Florida Tech Association is a non-profit 501(c)6 membership association building the software, engineering, digital, and information technology industry verticals in South Florida.

“I wanted to be actively involved in the efforts to position our region as a technology hub,” Deana said. “South Florida Tech takes a holistic approach to fostering a community of technology, innovation, and creativity throughout South Florida. I believe bringing more technology opportunities to our community will further encourage economic growth, diversity, and prosperity locally.”

In addition to promoting technology growth, South Florida Tech offers educational opportunities and career resources. Membership is over 8,000 and growing. To learn more about South Florida Tech, visit their website at

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I.T. Solutions of South Florida, Inc. is an award-winning Managed Service Provider in Palm Beach County, specializing in solving the unique I.T. and business challenges for small to medium size businesses. I.T. Solutions of South Florida serves a vast array of businesses from manufacturing to construction, schools, non-profit organizations, and can easily accommodate the needs of any professional service industry, including those with multiple locations and remote workers.

I.T. Solutions of South Florida was founded in 2004 and has become one of the Fastest Growing Technology Companies in South Florida. Their mission is to help businesses develop cost-effective solutions by implementing the proper technology to improve their bottom line. They deliver flat-rate I.T. implemented by a dedicated and professional staff. Along with providing superior service and utilizing cutting-edge technology, they also strive to make positive contributions to their local community.

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