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Winning With Fundamentals. How we tackle the little things really matters.

Companies considering managed network service providers (MSPs) have come to expect certain deliverables that are common within the industry. These include remote network monitoring, backup and disaster recovery, and user helpdesk support. Providers all talk the same talk and, as a result, customers begin to believe there is little difference between them.

But how we deliver those network support basics makes a huge difference in the reliability, resiliency, and security of your network. And Total Cloud by I.T. Solutions of South Florida is unlike any other managed services program in the industry.

I.T. Solutions of South Florida is proud of its own team of courteous and down-to-earth support engineers.

Other MSPs . . .

Other MSPs outsource their helpdesk function to larger, often non-U.S.-based companies.

I.T. Solutions of South Florida keeps score on customer satisfaction and helpdesk performance across a dozen metrics.

Other MSPs . . .

Other MSPs assume “no news is good news” when it comes to the performance of their support engineers.

I.T. Solutions of South Florida actively tracks the cyberthreat landscape and makes ongoing adjustments to your security posture.

Other MSPs . . .

Other MSPs “set and forget” your firewalls and other security software.

I.T. Solutions of South Florida tests the recovery of your network every day.

Other MSPs . . .

Other MSPs verify nightly backups while assuming recovery would be rapid and glitch-free.

I.T. Solutions of South Florida develops 12-month I.T. budgets and evolving roadmaps to keep your network current and keep surprises at bay.

Other MSPs . . .

Other MSPs meet with you haphazardly and spend that time looking backward.

I.T. Solutions of South Florida delivers simple, all-in flat-rate pricing.

Other MSPs . . .

Other MSPs hit you with invoices that vary wildly month to month.

I.T. Solutions of South Florida includes small projects under 8 hours as part of your covered monthly support.

Other MSPs . . .

Other MSPs bill you additional charges for small projects and new user setups across the month.

I.T. Solutions of South Florida gives you a 30-day exit clause. We earn your loyalty every month.

Other MSPs . . .

Other MSPs seek to hold onto your business with contracts that make it hard for you to leave.

These network support basics make all the difference, but Total Cloud — our game-changing managed support offering — goes far beyond the fundamentals.

Performance, resiliency, security, education, and workplace transformation, all for a single monthly payment. That’s Total Cloud.

Check out how Total Cloud transforms network management to include Microsoft 365 optimization, staff education and training, phish testing and enhanced cybersecurity, and support for your mobile workforce.

Contact us today, and find out how to future-proof your data network with Total Cloud.

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