Log4j Exploit

The Largest Cyber Breach Ever Seen

By now you’ve probably heard about the log4j exploit that is wreaking havoc across the connected world.

In a nutshell, log4j is a bit of code that helps software applications keep track of their past activities, and it’s everywhere. Log4j is found in the Java programming language, on which much of the apps that define how we live today have been written. As a result the exploit is affecting Google, it’s affecting Amazon, it’s affecting Microsoft and IBM and Salesforce. It can impact your smart TV, your car, and your security camera system. It’s being described by cybersecurity experts as the biggest security breach in world history.

But here’s the thing: In order to take advantage of the vulnerability, hackers first have to deliver malicious code to a service that is running log4j. They do that through phishing. That’s right, the same bogus emails you find annoying may be carrying the payload for the largest cybersecurity attack ever seen.

So it’s more important than ever to educate your employees about how to spot—and avoid—phony emails.

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