Cyber Threat Lunch & Learn

Peek Into Dark Web Captivates Lunch & Learn Guests

Thank you to everyone who attended yesterday’s Lunch & Learn at The Regional Kitchen & Public House!

Cybersecurity was our primary focus and our featured speaker was Mike Gavaghen, our VP of Management Solutions. Mike discussed CEO Fraud, Ransomware and Business Continuity. He offered an overview of the evolving threat landscape online and then presented several useful tips on how to avoid falling victim to phishing attempts.

Next, Wes Boggs, our VP of Technology, took us live onto the Dark Web. He demonstrated how easy accessing and navigating the Dark Web can be. Then Wes showed attendees one of the many eBay style stores where criminals auction off stolen credit cards accounts, healthcare records, and troves of illegal items. It was an eye-opening experience for our guests!

After an extensive question and answer session with our team, we closed out the event by raffling off a $50 gift card to The Regional. Margie Munroe of Bermuda Landscape was our lucky winner! Thank you to The Regional for the exceptional service, delightful menu, and generous donation of a gift card for our raffle.

Please contact us if you are interested in having our team speak about cybersecurity at your office!

Here’s what a few of our guests had to say:

  • “Extremely valuable information. Cybersecurity is in the forefront of our minds now.”
  •  “The Dark Web demo was enlightening!”
  •  “Very engaging and interesting.”
  •  “We can implement a lot of the information given out today.”
  •  “Very informative. I learned a lot!”
  •  “I have a better understanding of what the Dark Web is.”