07 – Changing The Background

Changing The Background #

Video Transcript: #

We talked a little bit about backgrounds last week, changing our backgrounds and I’m gonna talk about just for a few minutes here for those who might have missed that particular presentation.

So you can see right now that I have a fairly generic office background a white background. I’m not might stuck with it if I want to change it, I can change it.

I go to the three dots. Show background effects. Pops up a window on the right and I have some choices here. Microsoft makes available to me. I can go without a background at all. I can blur my background and we’ll preview with that looks like and you see it’s kind of blurring what’s behind me?

I can go to a, I guess downtown type of office look and apply that. Now suddenly you see behind me there is a more industrial look more professional look perhaps.

If you’re more of a whimsical type of person, Microsoft enables you to do something like this as your background and you can see that I’m standing in front of a a bunch of balloons that have been released into the sky. So they’re all kinds of things that you can do that Microsoft makes available.

When we meet in two weeks and have our third session we’re going to be doing some more advanced techniques and there’s a process that you can use to customize your background to show something that’s that’s meaningful to you, perhaps this one, for example. Is one that I’m using this week, which is the Pinehurst Golf Course.

So we’ll get into the customization when we get together at a couple of weeks, but in the meantime Microsoft makes a fairly good range of selections for you to change your background so that no one has to see that you’re working from your bedroom or working from your kitchen table with the dishes in the background.

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