04 – Joining A Meeting

Joining A Meeting #

Video Transcript: #

So we’ve set a meeting up. How do you join? How do you access it? Is there just one way to do it or they’re multiple ways to do it? Do you need to come through the calendar?

Talk to me how you get on to a Team’s meeting.

Well, everybody has a personal preference and there are a few ways to to to join a Team’s meeting. Me personally, I like to work out of my calendar. When I’m working out of my calendar here, I can double click on the Team’s meeting now button. This is also in Outlook. You’ll notice that this is the Outlook application that’s on the computer here and I will just hit join a Team’s meeting here with the hyperlink and then boom it takes me right to Teams. I hit join now and it’s a done deal.

Now, one thing about the calendar in Outlook and the calendar and Teams, they are one in the same. They are these the same calendar so when you make a Teams meeting in Teams, it will synchronize with your Outlook calendar. But one thing is, you’ll see here, is that you can click on the hyperlink, but the main thing is to join here with teams and once you hit join, it takes you right to the meeting.

You see how this meeting is starting to get close here and this meeting’s supposed to start at 11:30. Well, when this ties into your reminders, you’ll also have a box that pops up in the bottom right hand corner that will also have a join button to it, and when you hit join it takes you right to the meeting.

So those are the three ways to join a meeting in Teams.

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