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Our Offer And Thanks #

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We thank you all for attending today. We want to make a couple of offers to you for the courtesy of having done so. Number one, Teams is very much a customizable tool, okay? We walk you through some generalities.

Inside of our organization we’ve customized it 900 ways to make it work for us in terms of the channels we’ve chosen, some of the groups we’ve chosen, some of the functionality that we allow, some of the functionality that we don’t allow.

With anything that is that powerful, to just unleash it into your world, into your organizational world could be a risky thing to do.

So what we’re offering is to sit down with you to put some of our Teams team into a conversation, and a virtual conversation with you and in people from your organization and discuss it in more details, go back over some of these lessons more slowly if you like and to talk about how to make a fit appropriately inside of your organization.

We’re willing to do that consultation without any charge or obligation what so ever.

The other offer we’re making, Microsoft is not that out of the park with Teams. That’s not always the case with Microsoft products, but it’s certainly the case for this one.

For some reason, I guess being Microsoft, their default settings within Teams and within the full stack of 365. Some of their default settings are problematic. They make you less efficient and they make you less secure.

So we’re happy to sit down again, take a look at your Microsoft 365 environment, point out those default settings that probably should be changed. Make some recommendations and keep you from being victimized by death, by default.

And in doing either those things, again, I want you to understand that this is not a hard sell, we’re not a hard sell type of organization, 90% of our clients come to us because of recommendations from existing clients, but we do want this to be workable for all of you.

So if you’d like to reach out to me, my contact information is on screen there. Be happy to arrange, something like that and we’ll follow up with you.

And we thank you all for coming today.

We’re honored by the business development board Palm Beach County and they’re asking us to do this and we take it seriously.

So with that, I want to thank everybody for their time today. Thanks a lot. Thanks, guys. Thank you, everybody.

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