1 – Microsoft Teams Overview

Video: Microsoft Teams Overview #

Video Transcript: #

Welcome to the IT Solutions of South Florida webinar series on Microsoft Teams.

We put the series together in conjunction with the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County. My name is Mike Gavigan from I.T. Solutions Of South Florida and we’re going to be your tour guides for this look under the hood and how to make Teams work more effectively for your organization.

So why Microsoft Teams? #

Because teams freaking works, I think it’s the single best thing Microsoft has done since getting us out of DOS and into Windows and their commercials get it absolutely right.

Our company is collaborating better than ever. Our clients tell us the same thing.

Back in an early March, Microsoft had 32 million active daily users on teams. That number has grown rather quickly. I gotta think that the social distancing associated with the outbreak has a lot to do with that, but to be honest an article in last week’s New York Times was the latest in a consistent series of reports that indicate the way business gets done will change forever even after the outbreak.

Business real estate footprints will shrink dramatically. Business travel will shrink even more dramatically. Team is already disrupting the business software industry.

What about Teams alternatives? #

Remember Slack? They were a big deal. They were a huge deal a year ago in business collaboration. Teams passed Slack in a daily users last July, July 2019. They have since left them far behind in the rear view mirror.

Because Teams does everything Slack does but it brings anything and everything from your whole Microsoft environment into the channel with you with just a click and a drag. Very, very convenient.

The distancing world has been a relatively good few months for Zoom if you don’t count all the security problems and there have been many of those.

Again, so much more efficient to be operating from within your Microsoft environment if you’re a Microsoft shop.

The biggest driver in the growth of teams is financial.

You pay for Slack you pay for Zoom. But the cost of Teams is baked into your Microsoft 365 subscription.

In other words, you’re already paying for it.

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