02 – New Meeting Experience

02 – New Meeting Experience #

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And Jason is going to walk you through what’s new and what’s improved in the new meeting experience. J you want to take it over?

Here we go there’s a lot of cool stuff that’s in the new meeting experience and I’ll share out my screen with you guys.

First thing that I will point out is you’ll see the meeting box is movable now. So I can move this to any of my screens and I could still do some work within teams and my other applications that are on my computer here.

First, I’m going to do is I’m going to show you how to enable this in your tenant here. So what I would do is I would go up to my picture. First, I would do is I would check for updates. You just hit the check for updates button here. It’ll put up a message here that says, we’ll check for any updates and you can continue to work while we’re looking.

Now, obviously, I already have the new meeting experience here. So what you would want to do, since I have it installed is, I would go into settings and I had to enable it here. By default this box is unchecked, but it says here turn on new meeting experience the new meeting and calls will open in a separate window requires restart of Teams. That’s kind of important right there. You’re gonna need to restart Teams and to do that. You would just go down to your taskbar there and right click on Teams and just hit quit. It will quit Teams, you reload Teams, and you’ll have all the new experiences of the new meeting experience here.

Now, some of the features with the new meeting experience here is, you’ll see the taskbar now is no longer down here at the bottom of your screen. You’ve now got the taskbar up here, so you’ve got your participants. I’ve got the chat window here. If you click on that, it’ll come over to the side. You’ve got your raise your hand button here as well. And then, you’ve got your ellipsis.

And in your ellipsis there’s a lot of new stuff here in this menu here and I’ll go through it. You’ve got your device settings, you’ve got show meeting notes, you’ve got some meeting details here, you’ve got your gallery modes. Right now, I’m just in a small gallery here. If there were more than nine people, there would be a large gallery option. And I can choose that large gallery, option to be able to see everybody on their camera.

And that’s one of the new features of the seven by seven grid. There’s a together mode and I’m going to let Mike elaborate on that in the future here. On this call, you’ve got these call me options and you’ve got the background effects, I can click on this and choose my backgrounds.

You’re recording options, your keypad and you can turn off your incoming videos. And then obviously you have your camera options, your microphone option, you’re sharing option, a nice new feature with this button here. This leave button is it’s not showing it here but there would be a drop down and there’s an option to leave the meeting or also end the meeting.

And since we’re already in a Team’s meeting, I can choose to just leave the meeting. I would just leave in the meeting, would be continue, but there is an option. If I started the meeting, I can end the meeting and it would cut off everybody’s access to the meeting.

Those are some of the things that are happening within a new meeting experience and I will hand it back over to Mike.

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