08 – Sharing Screens

Sharing Screens #

Video Transcript: #

Can you walk us through the process of sharing screens?

Yeah, absolutely. And I have to share my screen to do it, so it gets a little weird here. So I had to take a screenshot because I can’t show you how to to do a share when I’m in a share.

So what happens is when you click on the sharing button, which is this little guy right here it pops up this bar down at the bottom and the bar down at the bottom gives you some options on what you would like to share. So over here on the left our first option is to share out your entire desktop.

You need to be careful with the sharing your entire desktop, it’s what I’m doing right now, but any system pop-ups that happen everyone’s gonna see, if you have other applications that do things people will see them, you know, if you get a YouTube video notification, that’s gonna pop up, all of that type of information. So you gotta be careful when you share your desktop.

The next area will be any applications you have opened. So this is just sharing the window. What that does is it shares just the individual application. So if you were, running Outlook and you pick the window that was your Microsoft Outlook it would just share your email. You pick one that was just your web browser it would just share your web browser.

This next section is something special that Teams does. It’ll have here that your last five PowerPoints that you have that you’ve edited you can share a PowerPoint directly. If you want to share out a specific PowerPoint, you can browse over here on the right-hand side and browse out to a PowerPoint presentation.

And Microsoft also has a whiteboard service that’s included inside of Teams that will go over in our meeting in two weeks in the advanced section. That allows you to do some real-time drawing and writing collaboration if you got a tablet you can get all fancy with your pencil and do some drawing.

So once you’ve decided which area you’re going to share out all you have to do is click on it and then it’ll share it out with the rest of the people in your meeting.

So one other option, I want to point out is this guy right here that says includes system audio. Say you were doing a presentation and you wanted to actually share out a YouTube video that you wanted everyone to be able to watch on the other side. If you check that box to include your system audio, then you can go to a YouTube video in the web browser and play that video and the audio will stream and everyone inside your meeting will be able to hear what’s going on.

So that’s the the quick answer on how to share your screen out.

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