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Chat Pop Out Windows Video #

Video Transcript: #

Today’s topic is “Popping your chats out into their own individual windows.” It’s from Part 1 of the series “Teams Basics And Beyond.”

You know that look?

Freaked out because you sent the wrong chat to the wrong person

That’s the look that you that you have when you sent the wrong response into the wrong chat window.

You’re speaking casually to one person and formally to another. You’re speaking to a friend about something stupid and to a colleague about something important. You’re talking about going out and getting drunk and your talking about building a business plan, on another chat and you get the next up temporarily and that’s what happens.

We’re going to try to keep you from going down that road.

Introducing Pop Out Teams Chat Windows #

Microsoft Teams now allows you to take the chats that take place along the side of your screen and take any one of them and pop them out individually into a separate window.

You can resize those chat windows, which I like to do. You can re-position them, you can slide them to another monitor. You can close them when ever you want to. You can leave them open while you’re doing your other work and this is critical.

You know when you’re waiting for one piece of information and you’ve been in the chat with somebody and you don’t realize that they’ve just taken a phone call or just walked away from their desk and you’re dying for the next piece of input and you’re not getting it. Rather than sitting there going “uuuuhhhhh” and waiting for that to come on your screen, you get to continue your work without getting distracted by your work so that you don’t realize when they’ve responded and that their answer is sitting there waiting for you.

That’s critical. And that helps you be more efficient at work, which is really all Microsoft Team is designed to do.

Now, I’m going to hand this over to Jason Pizzo, our CIO, and he’s going to walk you through, how to use the pop-out windows and chat to work more efficiently.

Live Demonstration #

All right, guys, now what I’m going to do is I’m going to demonstrate pop-out chats.

The nice thing with the pop-out chats is I can go into a chat and people that I regularly do chats with like this guy Alex here. I can pop out this chat and I can keep this window open constantly while I’m still doing other things.

If I wanted to I can also have this chat from Isaiah and I could pop him out as well and I can have multiple chat windows open at a time. I can move them to different screens and I can still go about my business here while while reviewing the chats between these two individuals, so I can go back and in my teams here.

I can I can still communicate with these guys here and then I can reference back any of the chats that that might be occurring between these guys.

So that is chat pop out windows.

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