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Taking Notes With Follow Up #

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One of the other cool things that I think is very practically valuable here is being able to take notes within a meeting. You get together in the conference room, sometimes you’ll appoint one of the attendees to actually take the minutes or take the notes or keep track of all the takeaways, the significant takeaways from the meeting.

That could be done real time during the Team’s meeting. Jason, can you walk us through how that works? Yeah let me get back into that demo. The nice thing about the notes is once they’re in there, they’re in there for good. You don’t have to save them someplace else on your network or save them someplace else in the cloud somewhere they’re always there.

So if I’m in the meeting, I just click on the three ellipses here and then I would go to show meeting notes and what I would do is click on this button says take notes. The nice thing about this too is I can have particular formatting I can have other sections and it also has full text editing as well. I can go in under the meeting notes, I can type anything I want under here. I can also edit this and bold this out. I can highlight it. So there’s a lot of things I can do in here and if you hit the three ellipses here, you have even more options when you’re doing your notes.

And once they’re all done when you actually leave the meeting there will always be in the chat that we just had here go back to calendar boom go back into this meeting. There’s the chat. There’s the notes.

So that takes us right to a great questions. So Teams creates a chat for the meeting. Is that what happens?

Yeah, so let me go down a little more detail. So I’m gonna share out and we’re gonna go back into Teams here. So the meeting object itself lives on your calendar forever, and there’s a lot of things that it keeps.

So it’s not just going to be your calendar invite in the record of the date and time. It’ll have to chat that’s in there. So this chat lives forever. So if you attended a meeting two years ago and you go back to your calendar you find it on your calendar and you click into it, you’ll still be able to get to those things.

Let’s go into my test meeting. So I set up a test meeting early that I know I put a bunch of stuff in right? So inside this meeting which is one that I’ve added more things to in the files tab. I’ve actually shared out a file that is going to be tied to that meeting in the chat.

I then have notes that are tied to that meeting object, right? Go back to our guy. If I’d done anything on the whiteboard that’s going to be there. So all of these items related to that meeting are grouped and tied to that calendar event and then the calendar event lives on your calendar forever. So, you’ll always be able to refer back to these things.

It becomes a chat group as well, right? So if I go over here and I look at my chat this right here is the chat that’s tied to that meeting and it keeps it and lives in your chat history as well.

So one other cool thing to think about with this so say I’ve got a recurring meeting that I’ve got, you know, a weekly sales call and I make that recurring meeting like this meeting is recurring. If we add chat to a recurring meeting it keeps the chat history forever, right?

So I’ve got the sales meeting this Monday and I chat on some things and we make some decisions and we talk. When we go back into the meeting next Monday, it’ll have the chat history from all the prior meetings as well.

If you’re recorded the meeting is that accessible from the chat window as well. Yes, it sure is.

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