7 – Sending Kudos In Teams

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Today’s topic is, “Using Teams To Give Praise And Kudos To Your Employees.”

Back in the 1960s – 1965 – industrial psychologists began studying what were the most effective way to improve workplace performance. The working assumption going into the study was that pay people more, express what it is you want, give them a salary bump and you’ll get it.

Praise Over A Raise #

They were surprised to find that praise worked a lot better than a raise. They were not expecting that.

It turns out, that by a fairly consistent margin, validation and recognition and praise from the boss, both one-on-one and in public had a lot more to do with optimal performance than than what salary you paid somebody.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you do this so that you cannot give raises to the people who deserve them but acknowledgement goes a long way.

They’ve gone back to these studies ever since. Okay, 55 years of them and they’ve never deviated from this. It is far away the most effective way to improve workplace performance, which is really what you want to do as a manager.

Microsoft Teams gives you a new avenue to do that. And we’re going to ask Wes Boggs, Vice President Technology for our company to walk you through exactly how that works in Teams.

Kudos Live Example #

Hello, it’s Wes again and this time I’m here to talk about using the praise functionality built into Microsoft Teams in order to send some kudos out to one of your employees.

So it turns out that our marketing project team, things are running a little bit behind and that they had to change one of the deadlines. Joni called the client and explained the change and why it was gonna happen and you know, anytime someone steps up to the plate like that I want to make sure that I recognize them for the work.

So inside of Teams, I’m gonna go to the general channel. I’m gonna go down to start a new conversation. I’m gonna click on the praise button and you’ll see it down here at the bottom, it kind of looks like a little ribbon.

So we’re gonna click that button. And we’re gonna pick a badge. So I’m gonna give her the courage badge and I go and type a name. I’m gonna choose Joni from my list. She pops up and I choose her. You’ll notice that I can continue to add recipients, so if I had multiple people who’ve done something that I needed to give praise for I could add them here. I have an opportunity to put in a note.

Just like when we were creating a poll, with praise we have the opportunity to preview our results. When we click the preview, it’ll show us what we’re going to see when we actually send the post. We have a chance to click on back if we wanted to make a change. And then when we’re happy with our work we can click on send.

You’ll notice automatically it tags Joni, I did not have to do that. I want to make sure all her team members see that so again, I’m going to use our special keyword of channel. This will pop up a Team’s notification for everyone in this channel, so that they can have an opportunity to see my praise.

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