06 – Recording A Meeting

Recording A Meeting #

Video Transcript: #

We announced earlier that we were recording this meeting and everyone got warned that we were doing so which is what the law requires us to do, but Jason how do you go about recording it and is there some way of sharing the meeting after the fact?

Absolutely, so I’ll walk you guys through that real quick here so now I’m in this meeting this demo meeting here and you’ll see the three ellipses here, so if I go into the ellipsis here and I have my options. So here I have an option to start the recording.

Now when I start this recording you’ll see that we’ll get a box up here for a privacy policy and legal reasons it pops up here and let’s everybody know that they’re being recorded. You can always dismiss it here and you can continue on with the meeting.

Once the meeting is complete, you just go back to the three ellipsis and you stop the recording. You stop the recording and the nice thing too is when I’m finished with the recording you can always go back to your portal.office.com and you’ll see an application under your tenant called Stream. When you click on Stream you’ll be directed to a Stream web page here and when you go up to my content you click on videos and here it is right here, it’s processing the video for that new meeting.

Now if I wanted to share this, this is only accessible within my organization, so the only way to really share this outside the organization is to download the video and that way you can upload it to like a YouTube channel.

I could share it within my organization here by clicking share, I can copy this URL, I can share with applications. I can I can email it out here with people in in my organization or I can embed it by copying the the URL. I can I can check change the video size, autoplay, responsiveness and all these different features here within the the the video editing that is how you check out your videos that you’ve recorded.

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