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Manage Participants #

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How do you manage participants?

Once you set the meeting up it’s about to start, do they wait in a lobby, do they come right in, are they muted, are they not muted. Talk about managing a meeting effectively if you’re trying to run something because some of those meetings get unwieldy you notice that if you’ve used Zoom you’ve had to sit around at the beginning of a webinar and have people begging others to mute their phones and etc etc. Talk about how to manage that effectively.

Yeah, absolutely! So after you’ve made a meeting, I’m gonna move Mike’s face out of the way here, so you guys can see. You’ll see that there’s this meeting options button that will appear.

If I click on the meeting options, it’s gonna take me to a webpage where I have the ability to set some defaults on this meeting specifically. So the first thing I have is the people who can bypass the lobby so you’ll notice when everyone came into the meeting you were in a lobby until Lisa or one of our staff members admitted you into the meeting. So that is the default which is people in my organization go right into the meeting but if you’re not in my organization, if you’re an external user you wait in the lobby. I can change this to where everyone waits in the lobby when this happens then only the organizer can admit people into the meeting.

I can also say only me. Everyone else gets to wait. They go back to the default, which is people in my organization. So if you have people are joining via telephone, you can turn this little slider on and that will allow people on the phone to just go right into the audio bridge and not to have to sit and wait. If you’re using phone calls and people can’t see, you know face this pop up and on to the screen you can turn on and announcements. So if you turn announcements on then the little computer generated voice will tell you every time someone joins the meeting or leaves the meeting.

And the last one is who can present, so it defaults to everyone and oftentimes you’re going to want to change this. So some of your other options are going to be only people in my organization can present. So anyone who is not an employee in your company will not be able to present.

If I choose specific people I can then choose from the list of people that I’ve invited to the meeting and have the only certain individuals be able to present. The person who organized the meeting can always present and then my last option is no one can present but me. So those are the options that you have in the meeting and the way you can control it. Once the meeting starts you can’t go to the meeting options so best practices as soon as you make the meeting that if you need to make changes to it you go to you go back to the meeting options you click the button and you make the changes right away.

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