10 – Making A Call

Making A Call #

Video Transcript: #

If you want to call somebody who doesn’t have Teams, is that something that you can do from within this platform?

Yes, absolutely. So I’m going to join this little meeting right here. So once you’re in a meeting you have the ability to manage participants. If I click on the people icon here, it’s going to show me my list of everyone who was invited to meeting. If we were live and active in the meeting, I can add someone to it so say I wanted to add Joni, I can go up and click on Joni and it’s going to call her and ask her if she’d like to join the meeting right now.

If I have someone who you know they didn’t show up I can click on the little ellipses right here and I can ask them to join right now so my my late people I can go out and reach out and buzz them.

And if I have a Microsoft 365 audio conferencing license assigned to my user then I have the ability to type in any 10 digit phone number right here, and we can add some one to the audio only conference or the audio only portion of the call.

The end user will get a phone call on their their phone, it will tell them that they’re being added to a Microsoft Team’s audio conference and they’ll have the option to accept or decline that right from there.

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