02 – Meeting Invitations

Meeting Invitations #

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So we’re going to start some of the demo’s here, and we’re going to take you through a Team’s meeting.

Jason you want to start making invitations to that meeting? What will we do? How would we do that? How would we do that effectively?

All right, well let’s let’s get right on into it. I will go ahead and share out my screen. Right now I’m in Teams in our demo unit here and you’re looking at the calendar within teams you can see my activity, chats, teams, you know, my team’s channels and my calendar.

Within the calendar I can actually come in here, just click anywhere and it’ll automatically pop up a box here or I can hit meet now and I could start a meeting right on demand.

Once I start that meeting I just hit join now and then I can also invite people to this meeting on demand by just typing in their name here and have them join the meeting.

We can also go in here into calendar and you have this new meeting. So if I click new meeting I can add my details here, I can add people here that I wanted to join this meeting, I can also if I want people in a particular channel in my Teams, this retail group here can have all these people join this meeting by just clicking on the channel that they all belong to, as well as these individuals as well here.

You’ll notice that it doesn’t populate the link here it won’t populate until I hit send. So once I send that meeting it comes on to my calendar and that is how we’ll start th emeeting and will join everybody else’s calendar as well.

In Outlook here I can also do the same thing new Team’s meeting and you’ll the box pop up and populate here. I would just also put in my notes here as if this is a regular meeting. You will notice that down here it actually puts in the hyperlink for the meeting it puts in the phone number, if you have the licensing for a conference bridge and also the conference ID. Then once you add all your required people your, optional people and then you can adjust the dates and times here as well.

That is a few ways to create a meeting in Teams.

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