11 – Joining And Sharing From A Cell Phone

Joining And Sharing From A Cell Phone #

Video Transcript: #

How does that work from a cell phone?

Jason, can you show us what a Team’s meeting is like if you’re accessing it from the cell?

I will join the meeting on my cell phone and I’ll show you some features here. Now, I’ve got everybody on my cell phone here. So I’m gonna walk you through this.

I have those three ellipses. So, what I’m gonna do is I’ve got a bunch of options here. I’m gonna click on share, when I click on share, it says share a PowerPoint, share a photo, share a video, but I’m gonna share my screen so that way you guys can actually see what’s going on with my cell phone here.

So I’m gonna start the broadcast and gives a count down of when it’s happening and now you guys can actually see my phone. So when I’m in here, I can actually pull up my camera, I can pull up my calculator, see some stocks if I wanted to show somebody some stocks.

So, there’s a lot of things here that you can see in real time. It’s a very, very powerful feature here. And then, once I’m finished broadcasting it, I could just disconnect here, and then join back on my laptop.

So, the first thing he showed us, I believe was, he was actually filming the office around him.

I think this is an extraordinarily powerful tool to use for someone with field employees, people around the building site. And having problems, with whatever it might be, let me show you this back at the office and talking to an engineer or talking to someone else pulling together the brain trust to troubleshoot an issue on site.

Being able to hold that phone within a conversation within a meeting and everybody’s sort of able to to work the problem simultaneously.

Really, really powerful stuff.

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