03 – Inviting People Outside The Organization

Inviting People Outside The Organization #

Video Transcript: #

So we’ve invited people from within the organization, Wes is there anyway you can invite people from outside the organization?

Absolutely. Let’s kick into our team’s environment over here. I’m going to go to my calendar. I’m going to start a new meeting and call this my meeting.

So in the required attendees field, if you’re adding an external user you actually have to type in their full email address. It doesn’t use the address book to look someone up.

So, for instance if I start typing Joni, I can typ Jo, but Joni’s in my organization. So, if I’m adding outside I have to use the full email address.

I’m gonna go ahead and invite myself and you’ll notice it’ll give you this invite with the external email address.

So, I’m gonna click there. I could invite Deana. You just gotta give it a second. It’ll flip over it’ll give you the opposite to invite.

A couple of things to keep in mind. By default, you cannot invite an external user. So if you have an issue if it doesn’t give you that option to invite you’ll need to contact whoever your Office 365 global administrator is. Ask them to change the permissions so you can invite people outside your organization.

Once this is done. And then I can just get send and that’s gonna send it out.

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